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Mushroom Compost

Stanler Farms supplies weed-free organic compost to homeowners and businesses in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Our compost is the perfect start to every garden. It naturally increases the humus in the soil which, in turn, will grow microbes and release nutrients for your plants. 

Our mushroom compost also increases the water-holding capacity and helps to break down clay in the soil. It can also help to prevent the soil surface from compacting, which can encourage worms to create crumbly soil that can help with water absorption. 

All of these elements combined create a fertile environment for your plants and grasses, allowing them to flourish into a fecund, green oasis. 


  • It is a natural product which increases the humus in the soil.
  • It is high in Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium.
  • It provides a sound base for the active growth of microbes which, in turn, makes organic nutrients available for plants.
  • It helps to grow healthy plants which are less susceptible to pests and diseases.
  • Our organic compost also helps to retain water.
  • The compost is scientifically proven to improve the quality of your soil


  • A living, healthy soil, enriched by high levels of beneficial micro-organisms.
  • Good root structure for the plants and grasses, allowing optimal growth.
  • Cost-effective and provides an excellent return on investment.
  • It is used in our lawn dressing, which is a mixture of weed-free mushroom compost and washed river sand.
  • It is used in o
  • Our organically-enriched topsoil, making it ideal for filling or levelling an area before planting.


Our mushroom compost is also ideal for gardeners who are conscious of how much water they use, as it reduces your need for watering. It can be used for almost any plant, from fruits and vegetables to herbs and flowers. 


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